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The Truth About Common Dental Myths

The Truth About Common Dental Myths

Going to the dentist can be seem as an intimidating experience for a lot of people. This preconceived fear of the dentist typically stems from a variety of different myths that surround dental care, which are mostly overtly untrue. The reality of dental care is that it is really a necessary part of your health, so in order for individuals to understand it’s importance, we are going to unpack the myths that make it seem so intimidating! Below we break down some of the mysteries behind going to the dentist, in order to clear up any negative feelings you may have about your dental care!

Myth: “If there is no visible issue with my teeth, I don’t need to see a dentist”

Just because your teeth look healthy, does not mean you do not have to see your dentist! Despite looking fine, your teeth are much complex than just the outside surface. You should see your dentist twice a year for a dental exam as well as a cleaning to ensure your pearly whites are at optimal health!

Myth: “Bleeding gums are nothing serious”

Bleeding gums are caused when plaque is not properly removed by routine flossing or brushing. If you notice that your gums have become more susceptible to bleeding, although common, you should contact and visit your dentist. Additionally, bleeding gums are sometimes a sign of an underlying infection or even degenerative tooth loss.

Myth: “Whitening my teeth is harmful to them!”

Over the years, teeth whitening has gotten much safer with advancements in technological research coupled with a better understanding of overall dental health. The myth stems from the temporary sensitivity of teeth after a whitening, which only lasts at most a few hours. In most cases, it is best to avoid hot or cold beverages after a whitening to inhibit any potential pain or discomfort.

Myth: “Placing aspirin over a toothache will help the pain!”

This old dental remedy is about as false as false can get. You should never put aspirin directly over an aching tooth, as it can cause painful chemical burns on your gums and lips. Not only will it not cure your toothache, it will cause more issues. If you are having a toothache and need instant relief, take the aspirin regularly, then contact your dentist to get it professionally checked out.

Myth: “Baby teeth don’t need dental check-ups”

This misconception is one of the most popular dental myths you will find. Neglecting your child’s dental hygiene can cause problems with their bite or adult teeth if they fall out too soon. Additionally, if a child has a cavity or infection on their baby teeth, they will be left in pain which is as good of a reason as it gets to get your child’s teeth checked out!


If it has been a while since your last dentist appointment, making the move to go will be quite challenging. However, keep in mind your dental health only helps or hurts you, and your dentist is not going to shame or embarrass you regardless of your current dental health. They are simply there to help! If you feel it may be time for you to look into your dental health, feel free to contact Broadway Family Dental at 781-592-5919 or stop by and email us at frontdesk.broadwayfamilydental@gmail.


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