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Causes of Dental Phobias

Causes of Dental Phobias


Going to the dentist can be an undesirable and anxiety inducing experience for many people around the world, which stems from a plethora of different reasons. Whether it is being pinned down to the dental chair, the abundance of shielding bibs, the sharp instruments making constant contact with your teeth, or something as simple as the lack of control, there are an endless list of reasons why people fear the dentist.  The core reason behind this common fear known as odontophobia, is the innate reflex of fight or flight which all humans experience in stressful situations. Due to this instinctual reaction to the dentist, many people become paralyzed at the thought of having their teeth worked on, which leaves them unable to receive dental care. According to Colgate and the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, around 15% of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to odontophobia, which is around 40 million people. Below, we give an in-depth analysis of the common causes of dental fear, and potential solutions on how to overcome them!


This common reason behind not going to the dentist for some individuals, revolves around the pain they may experience when getting their teeth worked on. This fear may seem logical on the outset, because if you haven’t seen the dentist for an extended period of time, chances are you may have a cavity or two which can be painful. Luckily, modern dentistry has made leaps and bounds of advancements in regards to entirely eliminating any pain whatsoever. For those who had traumatizing experiences in previous years, we want to be the first to assure you that dentistry in contemporary times is as painless as can be!

Negative Past Experiences

Piggybacking off of the notion that pain is a primary reason people are afraid of the dentist, is that they had a negative experience in their past regarding the dentist. If your last visit to the dentist caused you some sort of pain, or even a sense of embarrassment, that can inhibit you from wanting to go again! We assure you that at Broadway Family Dental, we make you feel as comfortable as possible and understand that life happens, and no matter what your pearly white’s look like, we’re here to help out!


Shame plays a huge role in every decision we make as human beings, and the feeling of embarrassment is actually a very prominent reason why many simply refuse to go to the dentist. Your mouth and teeth are a very intimate part of the body, which leads to people feeling embarrassed having someone else examine it. If someone is self-conscious about how their teeth look, they may not want anyone potentially judging them for it. Luckily, at Broadway Family Dental, we make getting your teeth cleaned as stress free as possible, by providing a unique method for each individual, making them feel as relaxed as possible.


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